In this guide I want to describe process of adding animated gifs on Steam.

Пример анимированной витрины иллюстрации
Animated schreenshow showcase

Artwork or screenshot showcases

First of all, you have to open this link (use Google Chrome or Firefox):

Upload your file and add name and description (example below). Don’t forget to set “public” visiabily.


Next, open the browser console using one of hotkeys:

Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+J
FireFox: Ctrl+Shift+K

Copy one of codes below:


– to upload as artwork


– to upload as screenshot

Консоль в Google Chrome
Google Chrome console

Click on “Save and continue” button

Now, go to your profile and click the “edit profile” button. Add an artwork or a screenshot showcase, and set your animation (If everything has been uploaded correctly, you will see black lines, like on screenshot below). Click them and check how do they look like in showcase.

Черные полоски - загруженные анимации

It’s done, enjoy your new profile design.


Q: My animations look like black lines when I set them in the showcase, is this normal?

A: Yes, just set them and look at your profile. Everything should be fine.


Q: My animation aren’t synchronized, what should I do?

A: Wait until they will fully load and then restart the page. If the problem stays, wait a bit more and restart again. If restarting doesn’t work, then it’s a problem connected with gifs.


Q: Steam says my gif is larger than 8 mb, what should I do?

A: The only way is optimizing it. Steam doesn’t allow gifs which is more 8 mb for a reason.


Q: There is an error uploading the gif

A: Contact Aiden on Steam, so we could figure it out.